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Building big developments.  Mininvest plc is a substantial landowner with sites in England and Scotland.  The Directors Gwyn Williams and Ian Brealey, Managing Director are highly experienced and well qualified company directors with a long track record of success.  Mininvest plc plays an active role in its sites which are also used for mineral extraction and waste disposal.  Once a business plan has been agreed with all parties Mininvest seeks to liase with Local and National Government as necessary to ensure a compliant and successful development.  The aim is also to incorporate the latest thinking and an imaginative approach to enhance the surrounding area.  We work hard to do this in particular to be sensitive to the need sof the local community.  In the case of Midland Quarry our proposals in an area of 100,000 people received only one planning objection and even that said what a good scheme it was.

Midland Quarry Nuneaton Warwickshire - award winning restoration to a mixed use development

the Midland Quarry story

Working with national housebuilders Redrow and local employment site developer Smart Developments Mininvest plc in association with Advantage West Midlands, The Government Office, Warwickshire County Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.  An important role was played by experts from the Princes Trust.

Planning permission for the Century Park mixed use development was obtained in November 2003 following a £1m investment by Mininvest plc, the HSBC backed development company.

A massive engineering challenge has been overcome and sustainable development created by a synergy of national housebuilder and a local employment site developer.  This is a good example of successful regeneration in practice.

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Progress on the infrastructure.  Arrow Road is in, ballin Road to Century Park employment area is in.  New junctions have been formed to the B4114 Tuttle Hill Road.  If that were not enough one of europes largest earthwork structures has been created to complete a development platform.

Progress on the employment

Progress on the housing....developers Redrow have had to wait 5 years for the retaining wall to finish settlement

Success has many fathers they say.  Its impossible to pay tribute to the 30-40 people who 'made it happen' by name.  However I would like to thank staff at WS Atkins, Entec, Wardell Armstrong, Blackwells And particularly my site staff led by Roy Kitson. Visited by senior civil servants the visit was enlivened by Roy carrying out a tricky 'manoeuvre' on his bulldozer taking it to places no man and bulldozer should go! Such dauntless people make and keep us in the front rank.

Previously worked sites tend if not brought into alternative use to be a focus for lawless individuals and flytipping.  However with a little imagination they can also become a beacon of hope for deprived communities in the former coalfields.

Brodsworth Quarry, Pickburn Leys, Doncaste, South Yorkshire, - Millennium village publication - update

Brodsworth Quarry in Parliament


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Questons and answers on Brodsworth Quarry - keep your questions coming!

The Diamond Park employment development.  The Diamond Park development at Brodsworth Quarry has been so named in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee.  Working with national housebuilder Persimmon plc, Mininvest plc aims to bring in local developers to create a sustainable and award winning mixed use development.

We plan wind turbines in the top of the quarry led by an experienced developer.  A developer has successfully constructed a windfarm in the vacinity. Marr Wind Farm development.  Turbines at Marr.

Adjacent developments at J38 A1(M).  There is a large distribution park with tenants led by B&Q,  Chase Park

Tams Loup Quarry, Shotts Hill, Lothian, Scotland - restoration estimated 2014

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Brodsworth Quarry
Questions and Answers
Q. How can I have my say? A. A facebook page has been set up for Brodsworth Quarry
Thankyou for your messaged questions
Q. Has a planning application been made? A. No. The next stage following the adoption of the Doncaster core strategy is the allocation of sites in summer 2012.
The site has a greenbelt restriction but the Inspector of the the Core Strategy has referred to the need for local flexibility in redrawing greenbelt boundaries in Adwick.
Sites in Adwick can therefore be considered on their merits where in the past greenbelt designation has ruled out development.
Brodsworth Quarry is one of the feasible competing alternative sites for built development in Adwick.
Perhaps the best site as Brodsworth Quarry does not involve loss of functional greenbelt, nor grade 1 agricultural land and is adjacent to housing in Adwick so being a logical extension of Adwick Principal Town
The existing green belt boundaries are weak as Brodsworth Quarry will be built upon at some point in time.
The colliery spoil heaps and A1(M) are strong permanent greenbelt boundaries preserving the openess of the countryside.
On any objective assessment Brodsworth Quarry is therefore one of the best sites available in Doncaster.
Background information and evidence
WSAtkins Feasibility Study march 1999 by WS Atkins chief architect Mike Woods and Ian Smith.

Brodsworth Quarry is of a size to accomodate the 600 homes planned in Adwick.
This online consultation precedes an outline planning application for 2-4 wind turbines. Extensive local public consultation has been made by
Persimmon plc has promoted proposals for a mixed use millennium village at Brodsworth Quarry since 2000.
Q. Can I visit the site? A. Yes. There is a footpath along the eastern boundary of the site accessed from the B6422 Green lane.
Only the Yorkshire Hawking Club have permission and annual licence to access the site beyond the footpath.
The site has been subject to repeated encroachments from itinerants and flytipping which degrades the site and hinders regeneration efforts.
A Court order has been obtained requiring such persons to remove their property from the site and to refrain from illegally accessing and discharging guns on the site.
The owners reserve the right thereby granted to remove all livestock and property left on the site and dispose of them but trust common sense will prevail.
Q. What is the site? A. A 50 hectare former quarry working which has been restored to agricultural use located in Adwick Principal Town.
Q. What is the employment area? A. Diamond Park is named in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. An area of 20-50 hectares is available according to the need to integrate housing
into the site to create a sustainable development.
Q. Why now? –Employment A. Following the publication of the Doncaster Core strategy and Inspectors report in April 2012 there is now a clear framework for developer proposals
in relation to Brodsworth Quarry. The lack of a feasible large scale strategic employment site following the completion of the RedHouse development and the
unfeasibility of the Carcroft Common allocation referred to by DMBC Consultants DTZ highlights the need for those developer proposals in Adwick.
Why now? – Housing A. See green corridor current update.
A bid for £7.65m to improve housing in Woodlands has been unsuccessful.
Investment in Woodlands remains a priority and therefore it is logical to consider the proposals of developers which could raise housing quality in Woodlands, Adwick.
Q. What is the agricultural use? A. The land has been restored to its former low quality grade 3-4 farmland, currently set aside and maintained as grassland.
Q. Who will develop the site? A. Mixed use Proposals are invited for this strategic site located within 1 km of J37 (A1M). The lead developer is Persimmon plc
Q. Who are the consultant team? A. Contacts are Development Land Consultants Ltd, Sheffield, Wardell Armstrong, Newcastle
Q. Who are the commercial consultants? A. DTZ are providing a commercial evaluation report on the site for Mininvest plc
including the feasibility of attracting a large scale employment use if that is required.
Q. Who are Mininvest plc? A. Landowners and developers with a successful track record of bringing large scale previously used sites into use.
See Award winning Midland Quarry, Nuneaton below where Mininvest plc with HSBC backing invested £1m for all commercial and planning matters and initial site infrastructure works.
Mininvest plc directors Gwyn Williams and Ian Brealey have a track record of green investment ranging from sustainable development, natural stone workshops to the production of organic agricultural oils.
When the Midland Quarry scheme that the Mininvest team devised came before members it received only one planning objection and even that stated what a good scheme it was.
As a landowner it is Mininvest policy only to work in tandem with local needs and planning policies in developing its sites.
Strong relationships with developers Redrow and Persimmon make our sites feasible creating sustainable homes and jobs
where there was formerly dereliction
"Over the past 3-4 years Midland Quarry site has been transformed. With financial support from the European Regional Development Fund and Advantage West Midlands
the project combines engineering excellence with the imagination of the Private sector to bring about significant investment to this area of Nuneaton.
The Midland Quarry project also featured prominently in the Town and County Planning Association report on
unlocking public land for housing supply, highlighting the strong public, private partnership and the development framework which has served to steer the development as we see it today."
The Midland Quarry project also featured prominently in the Town and County Planning Association report on unlocking public land for housing supply
Q. Where do the wind turbines come in? A. 2-4 wind turbines near the quarry entrance on the B6422 Green Lane entrance
if approved could send power to the grid or simply power the Phase One employment land area.
The turbines could be as large as those at Marr or smaller ones to power any future development at Brodsworth Quarry.
Q. Why the need for wind turbines? A. To assist meet sustainable energy targets.
The local development of 4 wind turbines at Marr was limited from 8 to 4 turbines because of viewing points from the historic Brodsworth Hall.
Q. What is Phase One? A. A first phase of employment use is proposed accessed from the B6422 via a mini-roundabout
Q. Where does J37 A1(M) come in? A. It is expected that a roadlink will be formed to A1(M) J37 for Phase Two to proceed
Q. Is Brodsworth Quarry feasible from a developers perspective? A. Persimmon plc confirms that it is.
Q. Is it correct to say the site has poor access and uncertain ground conditions as stated in the Local Planning Framework? A. No.
In the past substantial HGV quarry traffic from the quarry was accommodated by a no left turn condition for HGVs so traffic did not go into Adwick.
Cars do not present a problem at all and distribution vehicles do not carry the same issue of cleanliness.
There is no uncertainty about the ground conditions. Developers should not be put off by this comment and haven’t been.
Q. Why a housing component? A. There is a need for modern housing and the core strategy refers to 600 new homes for Adwick.
There is demand for new homes which can improve the viability of the site and fund a greater variety of employment uses than one large distribution centre would.
Q. Is greenbelt boundary review possible? A. Yes, the Inspectors report on the Core Strategy for Doncaster refers to the scope for local flexibility in green belt boundaries at Adwick
at least in relation to employment land.
Q. Is the land greenbelt? A. Yes. However there is a distinction made in relation to functional greenbelt. The former colliery spoil heap and the A1(M) form strong greenbelt boundaries.
Q. What impedes development A. The site is subject to a greenbelt designation and awaits review of greenbelt boundaries. The Inspector of the Doncaster Core Strategy has confirmed local redrawing of greenbelt boundaries in the Adwick area is to be expected. The site awaits evidence based review of competing sites.
Q. Will the site be considered if Carcroft Common is deleted from the planning framework as unfeasible?
A. Brodsworth Quarry is a site is recommended by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council’s advisors for consideration as employment land in this eventuality due to its proximity to the A1(M)
Brodsworth Quarry Brochure
Artists impression
Midland Quarry, Nuneaton
Location Maps
Planning Documents
October 2010 DTZ report to Doncaster Metropolitan Council
on Carcroft Common Employment Site
Assessment criteria for employment sites